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Customers who found their plan using myTrueCost.com report saving an average of 20% on their electric bill.

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TriEagle Energy: I have been a customer of several electricity providers in TX over the years, always seeking the lowest cost provider, but TriEagle is at the top of my list for simple and predictable costs in their billing structure. There have been no unpleasant surprises or complications on how the total monthly bill is calculated. I also appreciate how easily the customer can change the credit/debit card assigned for automatic payments through an easy and fast online process. Before TrueCost, it took substantial research and tedious calculations to uncover that TriEagle is a low-cost leader for a 12-month contract if your energy consumption is significantly below the average for Houston during the year and never reaches 1000 kWh/month. If that is your energy usage situation, I highly recommend TriEagle
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